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Why use Modern Cloth Nappies ?

Cloth Nappies has been around for many many years, and most of us remember them as being ugly and very hard work. As the years went by Modern Cloth Nappies became extremely popular due to the fact that they are beautiful, a huge money saver and great for the environment. Gone are the days of struggling with old cloth nappies or leaking and earth damaging disposable nappies. 
Modern Cloth Nappies are 100% healthy for baby and your days of bum rashes are to the minimum as Cloth Nappies rarely causes bum rash.
Modern Cloth Nappies are extremely absorbent and don't require regular changes as disposables does. Baby can go 3-4 hours with dry bums in a Modern Cloth Nappy.
The myth about Cloth Nappies being hard work is just that, a myth. Using Cloth Nappies are as easy as using disposable nappies. They come off the bum, into the wet bag and into the washing machine. One wash later and your cloth nappy is ready to be used again.
For more information regarding Modern Cloth Nappies and how to wash/use them please visit

Why buy Bamboo Splash Modern Cloth Nappies?

Bamboo Splash provides the highest quality durable cloth nappies. Using natural fabrics as far as possible to protect our beautiful environment.

What are the benefits of Modern Cloth Nappies?

The benefits of Cloth Nappies are endless, here is a short video to tell you all about the things that makes cloth nappies great.

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