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What are the different types of Cloth Nappies?

With so many different types of nappies one can get quite confused about what you need and when to use what. Bamboo Splash want to make things a little bit easier for you. Watch this video to understand all the different kinds of nappies: 

Our Nappies
At Bamboo Splash we want our clients to experience all there is to cloth nappies, thus we have a wide range of different types of nappies. These include: AIO Nappies: AIO Hemp Night Nappy, AIO Hybrid Nappy, AIO Velvet Nappy, AIO Bamboo Charcoal Nappy; Pocket Nappies: AWJ, Coffee Fiber, Suede;  Covers, Training Pants and Swim Nappies.

Head over to 3D Cloth Nappies for a full 3D view of all our different nappies.

Types of Inserts.png

What are the benefits of Modern Cloth Nappies?

The benefits of Cloth Nappies are endless, here is a short video to tell you all about the things that makes cloth nappies great.

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