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Preflats are a perfect combination of flats and prefolds.

Our preflats are made with 95% organic cotton and 5% spandex, giving you the softest, sctrechiest and most comfortable preflat you will ever feel! 

The preflat dries almost as fast as a flat yet is easier to put on baby! It is the perfect combination of a stretch flat and a prefold!

They hug the bum perfectly and are great to use at anytime.

Booster Inserts are required when using a preflat. Recommended booser inserts: Hemp / Bamboo Cotton / Coffee Fiber / Prefold.

Simply lay down a hemp cotton insert/prefold first onto the inside of the preflat with a bamboo cotton/coffee fiber insert on top of the hemp, close your side flaps and your are ready to go.

You will close the front with a Snappi nappy fastner.