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Why use Modern Cloth Nappies and what are the benefits?

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What are the different types of Cloth Nappies?

Our Nappy Types & Inserts

How many nappies do I need?

Modern Cloth Nappies Washing Instructions

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Fasting a cloth nappy

Getting the perfect fit

Night Nappy + Cover

Cloth Lingo

NB - Newborn
OSFM - One Size Fits Most
AIO - All in One Nappy Type
Pocket - Nappy with a pocket at the back to stuff inserts in
Fitted - Nappy type that is all around absorbent
Cover - Placed over Flats and Fitted Nappies
SIO - Snap in One Nappy Type
Training Pants - Pull up nappy used for potty-training that has light absorbency and PUL outer layer
Insert - Piece of material that is used to stuff the nappy.
Flat - Square piece of material folded in different ways to form a nappy, used with Covers.
Trim - When the nappy sits nice and firm on baby's bum and is not bulky or loose.
Snaps - Round snaps on the nappy that can be moved to secure the fit of the nappy.
Rise - Snaps on the front row of the nappy to adjust the height/size.
Fleece Liner - Thin piece of material used between the nappy and the bum to catch solids and give a stay-dry feel.
Disposable Liner - 100% Biodegradable Bamboo Fiber piece of "fabric" used between the nappy and the bum to catch solids and give a stay-dry feel. Must be flushed or thrown away at every nappy change.
WHAM - Work At Home Mom Handmade Nappy.